Friday, May 27, 2011

Plague by Michael Grant

Plague (Gone, #4)Plague by Michael Grant

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this 4th installment of Grant's Gone series! The story moved at break-neck speed again, with Sam and Astrid questioning themselves as people, leaders, etc. Caine and Diana are happily living on an island with plenty of food, water and themselves. Caine has not changed, but Diana has. I wouldn't say I like Diana but she is more "human" while Caine is still power-hungry. Drake still gave me the creeps and now that he shares his body amd eternity with Brittney, there are times when he is about to torture and kill some one and when Brittney appears, the threat of Drake is over for a while at least. I hated that so many children were so ill with the mysterious "coughing" illness and it could get so debilitating they couch their insides out--YUCK! Grant's characters were so good, Howard, Edilio, Jack, Dekka, Lana and Briana and the wolves, Petey and the giaphage were all still part of the FAYZ and trying to stay alive (water and food were almost gone. But I the thing si Hated most about this book were those insects that had mandibles, spit black juice and inhabited those poor kids bodies, they were very scary and indestructible. For a ripping good read, try Plague, you won't be disappointed!!!

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