Friday, July 6, 2012

Lost in the River of Grass by Ginny Rorby

Lost in the River of GrassLost in the River of Grass by Ginny Rorby
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I read this for July Goodreads book club for YA Reads for Teachers (and any other adults)---join us if you'd like. I read Ginny Rorby's other book Hurt Go Happya few years back for PSLA and I just love this author, what she writes about, her characters and the depth of feeling that comes across in her novels. In this book Sarah is 14 years old and has a swimming scholarship to a prep school where she is not accepted, except by one teacher, Mr. Wethers. It is while on a weekend trip with science class that Sarah meets Andy who is working on an airboat and invites her out for a ride. Only problem is, Sarah has to lie, act like she is sick, to sneak out and go on this boat. It is after they have stopped many miles away and gone exploring that they discover the boat has sunk because Andy forgot to replace a plug in the bottom of the boat. They musst hike out of the everglades because no one knows where they have gone. Andy's parents are away for the weekend and Sarah is supposed to be back by lunch---OUCH! The suspense, along with the many animals (alligators, boars, etc) and insects (too many mosquitos!!!) and the density of the everglades and the reeds, need I say more? Rorby did a terrific job of showing Sarah's fear and Andy's calm but as the hours turn into days you really are frightened for Sarah and Andy, how will they make it out, will they be discovered by the search parties? The little duck, Teapot, Sarah rescues is such an enjoyable major part of the book as Sarah fights with Andy to keep Teapot with them as they claw their way back to civilization. This book will be enjoyed by boys and girls alike, the animal lovers and middle school and high school readers alike. Recommended, and read her other book, Hurt Go Happy too, you will love it.

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