Thursday, January 22, 2015

Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek: A Memoir by Maya Van Wagenen

Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern GeekPopular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek by Maya Van Wagenen
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What a great book! I read this as part of The Hub Morris/Nonfiction Challenge. Popular is a memoir by Maya Van Wagenen and she is only 15! She took this writing challenge from her mother- Finding a 1950s book in her dad's library- Maya decides to perform an experiment during 8th grade. Read the book and use the many tips by Betty Cornell ensuring popularity. Maya's writing is honest, hilarious, heartfelt and I am looking forward to more of her books! Reading how girdles, rag rollers in her hair, and reaching out to other students changed Maya's life was special because of how she wrote and felt. Maya's shy, nerdy personality becomes popular (with many different results) when she reaches out to others like her (and not like her) and says "Hi, I'm Maya." A definite must read!

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