Monday, September 5, 2016

The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind by Meg Medina

I loved this book by Meg Medina!!! Sonia’s family has believed since she was born that she was very special – she could silence the wind, after all.  She has spent her whole life listening to family, friends and the pleas of villagers beseeching Sonia for prayers and good works for their family members.  When a close friend is found dead and returned home in ghastly shape, Sonia loses faith in herself and God. This story takes place in South America and is filled with superstitions of race, culture and family.  Sonia flees to work as a maid in the capital city at the same time as her brother, Rafael, strikes out to get a “real job” not constricted to the hazards of being a miner.  But all is not as it seems; Sonia loves her new job but not the harsh judgments of the overseer or the owner’s nephew and his unwanted advances.  When her good friend, Pablo finds out Sonia’s brother may have fallen on touch times in his job search; he goes against odds to aid/help Sonia find her beloved brother.  I loved Sonia’s tenacity, sincerity and honesty.  Pablo’s dream of becoming a poet made him a hero (to me) who battles to help Sonia in whatever way he can.  Will Sonia believe in herself again?  A mesmerizing read with fantastic settings and strong characters, Medina has crafted a beautiful story; highly recommended read!

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