Wednesday, April 26, 2017

#scandal by Sarah Ockler

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I love Sarah Ockler books, Lucy finds out what scandal really means when she is set up by some mean person at the after prom party. Lucy has always been very careful, a homebody who likes to play internet games with her friends rather than go out. But when BF Ellie begs her to go to prom with her boyfriend, Cole- as much as Lucy doesn't want to do it (she has been in love with him for the last 4 years the day he moved into her neighborhood) she agrees to help her best friend out. What she wakes up to the next day is someone taking her phone, uploading pics of her and Cole & other friends at the party. This is a true cyberbullying lesson that just keeps happening day in and day out- destroying lives, friendships, and shows how mean people (and friends) can be. Yes she finds out who perpetrated it, but what good will it do- she does get Cole and learns some REAL lessons in the process.

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