Monday, June 26, 2017

The Problem With Forever by Jennifer Armentrout

The Problem with ForeverThe Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Mallory was such an in-depth study of a foster child who suffers horribly at the hands of abusive foster parents, so much so that she hardly speaks ( if she is quiet, she won't be hit) but it is another foster child, Rider, who always protects her, takes blows and abuse meant for her, who saves her time and time again. After one horrid night where the abuse culminates in the police being called in; Mallory is taken to the hospital, adopted and never sees (but thinks about Rider constantly) her hero again. It has been 4 years since Mallory has been adopted, faithfully seen a therapist, homeschooled, that she feels she is finally ready to attend high school. But fate steps in on her first day, and Mallory comes face to face with Rider. As the sparks fly for both teens, they navigate a new kind of friendship with Mallory making friends and dealing with her shyness (speech issues) and Rider once again the white knight. But Mallory has changed and she wants the best for Rider, but what happens if despite how much he cares for her, he is stuck in feelings of worthlessness and being invisible in their world that values street addresses, money, and ambition? I loved Mallory and Rider, I rooted for them, and ached for their foster world with the accompanying scars, scabs, and stress still plaguing them. A great romance and authentic look at the foster system and it effects.

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