Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Stephenie Meyer books

I am the kind of person who reads and loves almost everything I read, but I was never a reader of horror fiction- vampires in particular. But students kept asking for the books after Twilight in the spring and since Twilight was on the Reading Olympic list for '08 I decided to take it home for the summer, read it and make up questions. Well, I am hooked! I read Twilight in July and I couldn't put it down, Meyer has a unique way of writing seductively and from the teen perspective. There is so much angst with Bella and Edward Cullen, you just have to keep reading to learn more about their very different, yet alluring love. My students never minded that the books were 400-500 pages long- they were clamoring for the next one and the next one! I am now halfway through New Moon and once again, the suspense, fear and unrequited love keep me reading! Now I am learning more about Bella and Jacob's friendship/realtionship and boy is this different. When I went to Borders last week to purchase New Moon, my neice told me I just had to buy the 3rd one because it was 30% off and I would be saving money so I purchased Eclipse as well. I don't really booktalk these books (because reluctant readers would see the size and not touch them), the students who are readers come and ask for them in groups so I am more than happy to get these vampire books for our library because they are very read-worthy! So if you have become an ardent fan of Stephenie Meyer, pick up Twilight and I guarantee you will be seduced!

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