Sunday, September 16, 2007

Review of Crank by Ellen Hopkins and Guyaholic by Carolyn Mackler

I just finished reading 2 very different but awesome books. Since I joined the Book Challenge- they are #1 and #2 on my list. Crank by Ellen Hopkins is a novel in verse about junior, Kristina who goes to visit her dad. She starts introducinbg herself as Bree who is the opposite of Kristina and this guy gets her hooked on crank. Wow, it was so sad to see her slide into hopelessness. Even though it is over 500 pages, it flies off the booktalk shelves because our reading teacher does such a compelling booktalk. Then the kids come back and want to read her others Impulse, Burned and Glass. The 2nd book, Guyaholic by Caroyln Mackler will be one of my favorites to booktalk. V the main character was in another one of Mackler's books (you must read Vegan, Virgin, Valentine and Other Four Letter Words where V is a minor but compelling character)and in Guyaholic after endless hookups for 3 weeks tops--V gets hit inthe head with a hockey puck and Sam Almond rescues her. He is hunky in a geeky way, kind, compassionate, loves to cook and wants to be V's boyfriend, hold hands and go to the prom--all of which are NoNos, if you know V's history - moving 20 times in 16 years and a mother who dates endlessly. If you want a funny, poignant read, try this, I guarantee you will like it!

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