Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams

The Chosen OneThe Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams

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A riveting look at a young girl who lives in a polygamist who call themselves the Chosen. Kyra is thirteen, has a mind of her own, a father with many wives and lots of brothers and sisters. You can see from the lst page of the book, that Kyra has her own mind, thoughts which she voices, and loves her extended family very much. But there is something very wrong with this sect and Prophet Childs has been told by God to marry Kyra to her UNCLE who is 50 years older! Even her mother and father are horrified! The parents urge the Prophet to rethingk this union --- he will not budge and it is then that we find he is sinister, evil, and controls all his members through fear, citing their loyalty to God, and if that doesn't work----then they might meet a fate worse than death, death itself, or just disappear. Unbeknownst to everyone,Kyra had also fallen in love with Joshua and reads books from a bookmobile that stops outside the compound once a week. I felt all kinds of revulsion and heartbreak at the same time, I cheered for Kyra to try to get away and survive, and I was sickened by her families' meekness and their begging for Kyra to bend to the Prophet's will. A book I will not soon forget, I couldn't put it down,and I think it has something to say to students who read it---there are teens like them living a horror in sects that denies them their rights and their families' safety all in the name of a twisted religion. The only thing I didn't like was the cover---after reading the book, Kyra and any other girl in the sect would NEVER dress like that!!!

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