Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Perfect by Natasha Friend

PerfectPerfect by Natasha Friend

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is not recent but appeared on many lists as a recomended read and I finally got around to it---I love Natasha Friend's book! Isabelle, her sister, April and her mom have lost the most important thing in their lives--the sudden death of their father and husband. They are deeply hurting but each time Isabelle and April try to discuss their grief and loneliness with their mother, she refuses to deal with it--instead preferring to to cry by herself in her bedroom. As a result, Isabelle has become a binger and purger, and has been forced to attend group meetings ....Isabelle is such a great teen character, she hates herself, sees herself as a loser, and when "perfect" Ashley becomes part of the group, Isabelle longs to become perfect like Ashley. Isabelle's voice is sarcastic, lonely and filled with self-loathing, but she knows she wants to keep her father's memory alive with pictures and memories. This book explores family disintegration following the death of a beloved family member and does it just right with Isabelle and Ashley, group members, and her school friends. Reluctant readers will enjoy this

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