Friday, February 11, 2011

Borderline by Allan Stratton

BorderlineBorderline by Allan Stratton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved Stratton's Chanda books and Borderline is another example of quality multicultural writing teens will be drawn to with the espionage, bullying and being Muslim in a private school. Sami has two great friends since fourth grade, Andy and Marty, yet he feels that his summer spent without them (his father wouldn't let him go on vacation with them) and having to return to his private school, has made Sami feel that his friends don't really need him. Things have been tense between Sami and his dad but when his father is arrested and charged with aiding in a terrorist plot, Sami begins his own investigation, and begins to find some damning evidence against his father. As Sami digs deeper and deeper, is bullied repeatedly in school, and judged by many because he is Muslim and his father is a terrorist in jail, the plot just thickens and the suspense is unnerving. With the help of Andy and Marty, Sami hatches a plot to get to the truth, and hopefully help his father. A gripping read about a teen who because he is Muslim, is looked at differently by different people when a life threatening situation develops. Stratton crafts a totally believable story about how unfair the legal system can be toward those with a different color skin or culture. Keeping his wits about him, being beyond brave, and learning to find his voice, all describe the young teen Sami, who must rise above prejudice to save his family name.

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