Friday, May 27, 2011

Young Adult Literature from Romance to Realism

Young Adult Literature: From Romance to RealismYoung Adult Literature: From Romance to Realism by Michael Cart

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Michael Cart's book Young Adult Literature  From Romance to Realismdoes an awesome job of looking at the rise of young adult literature, from wat back when to almost today. Each decade is covered and many of the genres are included. This would be a great book for librarians and teachers of young adult literature. Cart includes lots of statistics which are very interesting, many titles of books up until 2010 and what I liked was he kept bringing up current titles and authors because if you are interested in YA literature, you need to read the most current articles, books and authors in order to help your readers (be they teachers, students, friends, etc) I highly recommend this book, it is a paperback and it is around 200 pages. The only criticism I found was in discussing Scott's Living Dead GirlScott's name became Stone and I think the editors should have caught that mistake.

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