Friday, October 4, 2013

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

FangirlFangirl by Rainbow Rowell
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I am a fan of Rainbow Rowell- her characters, her plot, her dialog and all the dysfunction in families, with friends, etc. I LOVED Eleanor and Park and I Loved Fangirl!!! They both have an insecure main character in Eleanor and Cather. They both have an adorable male protagonist in Park and Levi. But Rowell has crafted a totally different story and gratifyingly absorbed me the whole time I read this engaging, humorous, and ultimately GREAT, GREAT, GREAT story of growing pains, tremendous insecurities, and fearsome love (for family and friends and boyfriends). Cather is a freshman in college and her twin, Wren (who has been her staunchest ally up to freshman year)is not her roommate and out partying hard and drinking and not returning Cath's calls. Cath has a scary roommate, Reagan (I loved her- she totally grows on you)and with Reagan comes her boyfriend, Levi. Cath has so many hangups and they are even more pronounced since Wren has ditched her and Cath isolates herself in her room, writes fan fiction about Simon and Baz (and has a huge readership). Rowell reveals all of Cath's insecurities in her dealings (or not) with her roommate and Levi, not eating in the cafeteria, and not going to parties. But the reader likes and roots for Cath- that she will throw off the blanket of fears and anxieties she has cocooned herself in and participate in life, college, and love. I love how characters don't give up on Cather, how Levi and her Professor work with Cath at her halting pace and how, in Cath's own crippling way- she achingly blooms. Please read this book; it is great writing, dialog, and characters trough and through. If you have not read her other book, Eleanor and Park - then read that after- I promise, you will not be disappointed. Her books and characters ring true (she gets family dysfuction, teens, and best of all romance)

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