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Don't Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowsi

Don't Even Think About ItDon't Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski
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Don’t Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski
Thank you NetGalley and Random House Children’s for this advance e-book, I loved it! The title fits this book perfectly; a group of students from Room 10B get their flu shots (with lots of hemming and hawing) at lunch. Imagine their shock when they begin to hear what their friends are thinking, yes, thinking!!! Mlynowski’s book is funny (imagine hearing one of the thoughts, “will anyone see me picking my nose?”) full of teen angst, relationship highs and lows, and the beginnings of friendship and love. The cast of characters is pretty large and that is a good thing because the teens are all so different; lots of great plot lines. As the teens learn to deal with their ESP (they refer to themselves as Espies) they decide to keep it a secret within their group; they have daily meetings with Pi (Miss Control Freak) taking the role of leader. Mackenzie and Cooper are dating and everyone (but Cooper) finds through her thoughts that Mackenzie cheated on Cooper with Bennett. Cooper’s telepathy kicks in later than the groups and he is especially chagrined with the lies and secrets of his family and friends. Tess loves her best friend Teddy; when they go the movies, she hears he is very interested in someone else, Sadie. Tess also hears her friends and family think she needs to lose weight. Olivia is a quiet, shy girl who really enjoys the telepathy because she has so many friends now and lands her first boyfriend, who knew? But things heat up as their eyes begin to turn purple and the school nurse has been replaced with a red-headed nurse (Pi hears her thoughts and she is looking for all the Espies, uhoh).Mackenzie’s Sweet 16 Party holds lots of surprises. What will happen next? This book will appeal to all teens, reluctant readers and voracious readers. I couldn’t put it down, Mlynowski’s collective use of the Espies talking to the reader (they know everything!!!) really keeps the pace of the book moving, surprising, and fun. Realistic fiction with a touch of the supernatural, just perfect for teens!

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