Sunday, April 6, 2014

No Place by Todd Strasser

No PlaceNo Place by Todd Strasser
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Todd Strasser's book are awesome and No Place will resonate with teens who have unending horrendous daily problems due to parents losing their jobs and then their homes. I really liked Dan who begins the book as a popular jock dating the most popular girl, playing baseball and thinking about college plans. Pretty quickly Dan's life spirals out of control when his parents who have been unemployed for 5 years inform him they have lost their home and are moving into Dignityville. Dignityville is a tent city that houses many who are struggling with homelessness and unemployment. There are residents in the town who see this tent city as a blight on their neighborhood and want it gone permanently. Dan is a solid teen who wants to get a scholarship to college and now finds himself embarrassed and increasingly angry. His life with his parents has always been loving but deep inside, Dan begins to wonder why they have not found jobs and are they really trying hard to find employment? It is a difficult journey for Dan but he has supporters and people like Aubrey, Meg, and Noah who help him keep his perspective and build a future that he can hopefully attain. Another ripped from the headlines books that will really speak to teens and parents.

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