Sunday, April 6, 2014

Scowler by Daniel Kraus

ScowlerScowler by Daniel Kraus
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow, there is something so twisted but absorbing in Daniel Kraus' books. I still think about Rotters and last night I couldn't get back to sleep thinking about Ry, his mom, and little sister, Sarah as Marvin Burke (dad and father) terrorizes his family after escaping from prison. But that is just one small part of this horror story extraordinaire. A meteorite has landed in their yard and Ry needs to call upon his three childhood toys to help him save his family from the sick, twisted, maniac that is his father. I couldn't stop checking the cover as I read the book and the title, Scowler, is Ry's bloodthirsty toy (his doctor says Scowler is really his father)and he is an unbelievable adversary for Ry while the other 2 toys, Mr. Furrington and Jesus Christ are much more normal, caring, and likable. I read this as part of The Hub Challenge and boy am I glad I did, I just didn't like the crazy, scary thoughts keeping me awake:)

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