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Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi

Into the Still Blue (Under the Never Sky, #3)Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi
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Wow, what a great series and this 3rd book was suspenseful, sickening, mesmerizing, hopeful, and down right awesome! Aria and Perry have to battle evil Sable of the Horn Tribe and Hess (of Aria's Realms) to gain entrance to the Still Blue before their world implodes. The pace is frantic, gripping and at times, sickening as good versus evil battle for life in a world that has been legend. Sable kidnaps Cinder due to his unique ability to control the Aether. They will have to try to pierce an opening in a solid Aether wall to make it into the Still Blue. The route and all that leads up to the Still Blue (trying to rescue Cinder) is fraught with all kinds of drama I can't even begin to name! Ties are tested between Perry's Tribe, Roar is inconsolable with Liv's murder by Sable, Aria meets her father, and her people from the Realms can't or won't accept their new life in the cave as part of Perry's Tribe. The reader is catapulted into a world that is dying, evil leaders, innocent children, and letting go of a world/life that will not sustain them anymore. Rossi does a tremendous job of ripping out your heart while building up the resolve of Perry and Aria to save their loved ones. p. 220 - "I'm thinking this, Soren said. "Sable killed Perry's sister, Perry killed his own brother. My father and Sable both left thousands of their people to die. I'm dependent on drugs to keep me sane. And we're the only ones who are trying to start over? How are we the best hope for a new world?" Aria said, "Because we are the only ones left. We all have the potential to do terrible things, Soren. But we also the potential to overcome our mistakes. I need to believe that. What point is there otherwise?"
p.262 Perry had no idea if he's expressed half of what he'd intended. He knew he'd been selfish , leaving Roar to deal with Liv's death alone. He hadn't let himself accept that she was gone, so he'd failed his friend, and himself, but he meant to change that. He was terrible at falling-Roar was right about that-but nothing would ever keep him down again. As they walked back to the cave, a piece of him that had been broken felt whole again. Nothing looked the same or smelled the same, and maybe the world was ending, but he and Roar would walk to that end side by side.
p. 277 What I was trying to say," Perry whispered, is that I see you in everything. There isn't a word for you that means enough, because you're everything to me." Perfect words," Aria said, her smile wobbling with emotion. "Magical." His mouth found hers again, his kisses hungry, his weight settling onto her. She wover her fingers in his damp curls, and she was gone. Swept away. Nothing else existed beyond his body and hers, moving like strength and surrender, folded into one.
I found the ending hopeful, meaningful and inspiring---a terrific conclusion to a fantastic trilogy. Highly recommended!

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