Wednesday, February 11, 2015

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

All the Bright PlacesAll the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
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I read this book on my kindle and LOVED it! Afterward, I went out and purchased the book to share with my friends--and I have to say, I feel readers really miss out on the COVERS of books when they read kindles and nooks. I found the front and back cover of this book so important---Violet and Finch used post-it notes throughout the novel and the 9 post-its on the back cover are a very good summary of epic Finch talking to withdrawn Violet and planting the seeds of excitement about living, loving, and all the bright places they will wander to and experience. Finch and Violet meet on a ledge at their high school; both of these characters are going through some things...Finch stays does not sleep for prolonged periods of time. Violet's best friend/sister died the year before in a car accident and Violet feels responsible. By talking Violet down off the ledge, Finch begins to protect her and then maybe he will be protected too...When they are paired in a school assignment to see the great Indiana wonders and writ about them, Finch pulls Violet into wanting to live- he has terms of endearment for her beginning with Ultraviolet and then progressing to Ultraviolet Remarkey-able. As Theodore Finch saves Violet, the reader is compelled to read about their friendship, their families, their friends. No matter what we think about these two kids---this book speaks volumes about teens and what they grapple with on a daily basis-bullying, death, suicide, depression, mental illness, labels, stigmas, family dysfunction, drugs, you name it! Don't miss Jennifer Niven's Author's Note at the end - it is a very meaningful read. I highly recommend this book to students, parents, school nurses and guidance counselors, and adults.

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