Thursday, March 5, 2015

Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman

Shadow Scale (Seraphina, #2)Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman
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Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Books for Young Readers and Random House Children’s for this ARC, Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman. This second Seraphina book warmed my heart---Half-dragon Seraphina is key to trying to save her country from war with the dragons and also help the half-dragons unite (her garden of grotesques consists of half-dragons Orma conditioned her to create and tend to every evening---very interesting). On the other hand, warmed as in made my blood boil, with the heinous half-dragon Jannuola, who has the ability to use her dragon light to possess people, hook her evil into them, and make them do her bidding. At every turn, Jannoula thwarts Seraphina while making the human/villagers believe she is blessed and a compassionate do-gooder. Rachel Hartman did such an awesome job with her deep world building, fully meshed characters (Abdo, Eskar, Camba, Ingar, and Blanche- to name a few of my favorites) and the magical, mystical history of the dragon world; I was spell bound and captivated. I rooted for Seraphina and her many conflicts. Will she deliver the ityasaari to Prince Lucian Kiggs and Queen Gisselda? A ripping good read, highly recommended for fantasy/dragon lovers!

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