Monday, April 13, 2015

Noggin by John Corey Whaley

NogginNoggin by John Corey Whaley
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I loved JCW's first book, Where Things Come Back and Noggin is just as awesome! Even though the premise is as Whaley says, "ridiculous" his writing, his characters, and his words ALL make this book great and a must read. Travis is so believable as a confused teen who has his head re-attached onto someone else's body. Unbelievable, right---but thanks to Dr. Saranson and cryogenics, Travis becomes one of the two patients who come back. With cancer and a body shot to hell with drugs, Travis and his family sign up to have Travis' head frozen and bringing him back...someday. He comes back (a lots quicker than imagined---5 years) to his parents and best friend, Kyle, and girlfriend, Cate, all five years older and moved on. Travis, Kyle, Cate, and new teen friend, Hatton are all characters you like, want to know and very supportive of Travis being back and trying to logically figure out this new life. There were so many wonderful quotes because Whaley is such a tremendous writer--he challenges you with his words and makes you love his characters, their world and their lives.
p. 74 when Travis wants to see his Cate, his soul mate and love "And now I just wanted to see her. I didn't care if she looked different. I didn't care if she had a fiancé and I didn't care if she said she didn't want to see me, because that's bullshit. I was there first, and after seeing Kyle and Audrey an all those kids at school ...all I could think about was seeing and hearing and touching the one person I'd promised to come back for. We had to finish what we started. We got to do that now. No one else could say that. We,,. Lawrence Ramsey could but not one else. We had to go for it. Just like those doctors had done with my head and Jeremy's body, I had to take my old life and mash it together with this new one. That meant there'd probably have to be a few more scars."

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