Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rook by Sharon Cameron

RookRook by Sharon Cameron
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Finished this dazzling drama just hours before the #2jennsbookclub twitter chat! Sharon Cameron's characters (The Bellamy family and The Hasard family) were oh so good. Sophia Bellamy and Rene Hasard are engaged to be married and oh do they have secrets aplenty!!! Sophie is trying to save her family's heritage, home, and business. It is Rene Hasard, very good looking, loud, and very annoying (to Sophie) who is going to pay the money that will save the Bellamy name. But an even juicier plot is the do-gooder (known as the Red Rook, who frees the masses and leaves a red rook feather)who is helping save the unjustly accused and stay one step ahead of the government and their favorite tool, the guillotine. As Sharon Cameron wove this mesmerizing story of revolution, the insidious Allemande and LeBlanc, killing all in their path; I could not stop turning the pages as daring Sophia, close brother, Tom, childhood friend, Spear, staunch maid, Orla all stealthily worked as ONE to right the wrongs of the ruthless government injustices. All the while, Rene and his family have mysteries aplenty in their past and present. Will the Red Rook triumph or will the hands of Fate keep their date with death? I highly recommend Rook if you love a spell binding epic with spies, heroes, and daring drama!

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