Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway

Emmy & OliverEmmy & Oliver by Robin Benway
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Loved, loved, loved this book! Emmy and Oliver were best friends and next door neighbors, when at age 7 he was kidnapped by his dad. What this does to Oliver's family, Emily's family, the whole community is explored deftly and very well done by Robin Benway. I read this on my kindle and could not put it down! The day Oliver was taken away by his Dad, he was passed a note by one of his school buddies which asked, Do you like Emmy? Yes or No and Oliver circled Yes. That is the one piece of paper Emmy saves and continues to hold dear when Oliver, at 17 years of age, walks back into everyone's lives. While he was gone, Emmy's parents were so distraught about what happened to Oliver that they over-protected her - 9pm curfew, no sports, etc. This does not stop Emmy from surfing, partying, and lying - because what option does she really have?? But I really really liked the kind of girl Emmy was - a good, strong, honest friend, respectful daughter, focused student but often forced to live with situations Oliver's kidnapping caused. I loved Emmy's friends, Caro & Drew and I loved seeing her friendship with Oliver slowly build. Oliver really feels like an outsider even though he knows these students were once his friends...will he be able to deal with a new family (mother, stepfather and 2 little sisters) while still missing his dad (who everyone hates) ? Once again, I rooted for Emmy and Oliver - what will happen to their friendship because of their past, and is there a future---A MUST READ!!! And for another YA similar book, read Pointe by Brandy Colbert!!!

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