Monday, May 16, 2016

Sorta Like a Rock Star by Matthew Quick

Sorta Like a Rock StarSorta Like a Rock Star by Matthew Quick
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I re-read this AWESOME book as part of #yearofya May topic of instability and students; join the chat Tuesday 4/24at 8PM EST. Amber Appleton has got to be my favorite strong female character of all time because she is sincere and optimistic but most of all homeless. She lives in a school bus her mom drives and Amber has a little dog who brings her much joy. But most of all Amber spends ALL of her time helping others because she is selfless and a beacon of hope. When something terrifically horrible happens to Amber, she may not be able to take it. What will happen to Amber when JC (Her name for Jesus Christ) seems to forsake her, how will she cope. This is a must read, I have read it twice and it has so many wonderful quotes, you can stop reading and you will love all of Matthew Quick's quirky wonderful characters!!!

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