Sunday, August 28, 2016

Beautiful Maids All in a Row (Iris Ballard #1) by Jennifer Harlow

Beautiful Maids All in a Row (Iris Ballard, #1)Beautiful Maids All in a Row by Jennifer Harlow
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Thank you to Net Galley, Random House Publishing Group – Alibi for the ARC, Beautiful Maids All in A Row by Jennifer Harwood. This first in the Iris Ballard Series is a sure fire winner and I look forward to more books in this mystery series. Two years ago Iris Ballard was the supreme serial killer profiler with the FBI before she lost her husband and her grip on life. She is now a pill popping professor suffering from PTSD. When a new serial killer, known as The Woodsman is kidnapping, torturing, and killing young mothers, Iris’ old partner, Luke, and the FBI, ask for her help. As she begins to probe this killer’s mind, Iris quickly adds more facts and details to the serial killer profile with her own brand of forensic pathology and insight. For a rocking roller coaster ride that begins with page one, the mysteries keep unfolding as the tension mounts. You will root for Iris, she is determined, knows her business, and keeps on digging until she totally outs the killer. This is a highly recommended psychological thriller, I can’t wait for the next Iris Ballard mystery!!!

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