Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Passion of Dolssa by Julie Berry

The Passion of DolssaThe Passion of Dolssa by Julie Berry
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Loved this book!!! The 1200's was a time of upheaval in the church after the Holy Wars and heretics were pursued ruthlessly, rooted out and killed, burned at the stake, and families and those who knew or helped were punished thoroughly. Julie Berry's historical fiction story about Dolssa who is a pious young woman & talks to her beloved lord, works miracles, and is hunted mercilessly by a knight and friar after miraculously escaping the burning pyre. Botille is a matchmaker and has been dispatched to a town to bring heirs back to an old friends's vineyard. Botille discovers Dolssa on her deathbed, hides her and takes her back to Bajas so she and her sisters can nurse her back to health. What the 3 sisters learn about Dolssa and her passion changes their lives and brings danger to then and their village. What a wondrous story of love, friendship, zealots, hatred, fear and heresy. I loved the seaside village of Bajas that Berry painted with it's beautiful sea and sand and the villagers with their troubles, personalities and sense of community. A harsh picture of fear
and heresy in a troubled time of the church but with cast of wonderful strong female characters, highly recommended!

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