Wednesday, November 30, 2016

This Is Our Story by Ashley Elston

a href="" style="float: left; padding-right: 20px">This Is Our StoryThis Is Our Story by Ashley Elston
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There is a #yabookchat discussion Sunday 12/4 at 9pm EST and this book is the ultimate mystery. Read this book and join our chat! Kate Marino has been secretly texting Grant Perkins until the morning he is shot by one of his friends. The title is APT, all 4 friends give the SAME story, OUR STORY. As Kate works part time in the DA's office, she is devastated with Grant's loss, his friends sticking to their story, and as she learns more and more through transcripts, videos of the friends, and others who were with the boys the night before at a party at the hunting lodge, she takes her camera and takes hidden photos of the boys as they gather together, argue and fight. What are they hiding? Kate will be beyond surprised as she finds out more and more about the case, and the boys. It was beyond creepy when the murderer narrated a chapter in bold black type (I never figured out who it was). What will the DA and Kate uncover? A gripping whodunit with suspense and hostile witnesses.

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