Friday, December 9, 2016

Double Vision (Dr Jenna Ramey #2) by Colby Marshall

Double Vision (Dr. Jenna Ramey #2)Double Vision by Colby Marshall
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I LOVED this 2nd book in the Dr. Jenna Ramey series and I am so into the way Jenna sees colors as a way to solve the heinous crimes she investigates. I was up at nights worrying about Jenna and Yancey as he struggles with being a 911 operator - he LOVED being in on the crime solving with Jenna in the 1st book, but now he is back to being less than happy with some of the more mundane calls he receives. But all that changes when a female caller is being threatened and Yancy wants to jump in and help (will he make a mistake that costs him?). Also Jenna is working to find out who the Triple Shooter could be- uses the # 3 and 7 in order to kill his victims, and the way Jenna and her colleagues follow the leads and learn about mythology, religion, etc. was VERY interesting. I liked finding out more about Jenna and Hank's relationship before Ayanna, love her father and brother and my favorite character was Molly- she was fearless and excited (like Yancy) to be included in helping Jenna get answers from the store shooting. There is so much action and suspense as well as dark humor and humor in Colby Marshall's books, I can't wait to read the 3rd book in the series! Highly recommended!

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