Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sacrifice (Serpentine #2) by Cindy Pon

Sacrifice (Serpentine #2)Sacrifice by Cindy Pon
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Loved this 2nd book in Pon's Serpentine Series! The stakes are high as Skybright and Stone learn the chasm was never "totally" closed and even more formidable demons and undead are still escaping above to the human realm. I loved how Pon brought all the main characters together to fight against impossible odds to find the evil source. I guess I should have known by the title, Sacrifice, that there would be a sacrifice which made my romantic heart break (have to read the book to find out what I am talking about). I have to admit I never really felt close to Stone as a character from the first book - even though he goes through great change in this book, I could not relate to him as much as I truly loved the person Kai Sen always was. Kai Sen was such an authentic, feeling, honest character from the time Sky's eyes met his "across the great distance" and he remained steadfast in his yearning, friendship, support and aid to Sky, he won my heart in both books. I also loved how Zhen Ni was so loyal and supportive of Sky (even in her serpentine form) and this ultimately was believed by Sky and gave her much peace and love in her heart. The growth in Sky was so fulfilling; her practicality and urge to protect and love made her a valiant and formidable foe. I will be telling my twitter chat, #yearofya, that these 2 books include Skybright & Zhen Ni as great examples of essential best friends for our December monthly chat. This is a must read; the drama and evil had me turning the pages while I rooted for Sky, Zhen Ni, Kai Sen and Stone to triumph. The worlds were lush, the characters drew me into their worlds, the personalities and the conflicts were awesomely brilliant - a must read!

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