Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Sound of Rain by Gregg Olsen

The Sound of RainThe Sound of Rain by Gregg Olsen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Thank you to Net Galley and Thomas & Mercer for the ARC, The Sound of Rain by Gregg Olsen. I love mysteries and this one kept me reading until the end, and there it went really, really wrong for me. Nicole is a detective working with a partner, Danny (who is also her lover) when they get a call about an abducted little girl. As they investigate, this girl, Kelsey, is found murdered. When they interview a sexual predator living in the neighborhood, Danny gets a confession out of him (without Nicole being present)…but did Danny really do it by the book? Nicole reports her partner for wrong doing and even though Danny goes to jail, surprisingly Nicole is dismissed from the force, fights a raging gambling problem, and loses her house. Sounds like she is a mess, right? I am not a fan of unreliable narrators and Nicole’s home life as a child, teen, and now as an adult, stinks! I had so many unresolved questions, too many unbelievable characters like her sister, Angela, Danny, her boss Evan and Julian and really in the end, why did they do what they did? There were so many twists and turns but no real resolution, just many questions that went unanswered and an end that was so unsatisfying. Sorry, I love to give great reviews but this mystery just did not appease me at all. Nicole was not kick ass but a sorry, gullible excuse as a main character, I can’t even call her a protagonist. She should be doing things by the book but ends up missing all the signs, and just copes, rather than being a heroine. I was really rooting for Nicole but there was no redemption in this book’s ending.

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