Thursday, February 9, 2017

Kids of Appetite by David Arnold

Kids of AppetiteKids of Appetite by David Arnold
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Read this wonderful book of quirky kids banding together, loved it just as much as Arnold's first book, Mosquitoland. Arnold's Kids of Appetite brings together sad teen Vic, who lost his father two years ago to cancer, lives with a facial paralysis disease that earns him daily jeers, pity, and alienation, and a mom who seems to be moving on with her life. As Vic takes off with his father's urn, he comes face to face with a group of kids (Kids of Appetite) who become his lifeline while falling in love with Madeleine, who may just may need more help than them all. I loved the tight bonds Vic forms with Mad, Baz and his brother, Zus and foul-mouthed Coco as they unite to find the meaning of the contents found in the urn as well as their time spent being interviewed by the police (great way to present this story - police interrogation, deciphering clues in urn, living together at the florist shop). I adored the perfect life & love Vic's parents instilled in him, while crafting all of the Kids of Appetited (loved the KOA bracelets!!!) as heroes in their many multiple aching, truthful, painful selves. Highly recommended must read; teens will enjoy the intense bonds between these 5 kids who show resilience, care, & loyalty in their saga.

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