Monday, February 27, 2017

The Inexplicable Logic of My Life by Benjamin Alire Saenz

The Inexplicable Logic of My LifeThe Inexplicable Logic of My Life by Benjamin Alire Sáenz
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Thank you to NetGalley, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children’s Book Group, and Clarion Books for the ARC, The Inexplicable Logic of My Life by Benjamin Alire Saenz. This is another beautiful, heart-breaking book (just like Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe). Saenz has a powerful way with words and also his titles. The main character, Salvatore (known by family and friends as Sally or Sal) goes into much thought and depth about logic and also inexplicable logic throughout his deep soulful searches on life, love, family, being a senior and how to find his way in the world. Sal tells the reader his life was good, happy, and he was not bothered by much until senior year when he begins to question himself, starts getting into fights, withholds himself from his father, and his best friend, Sam. The one constant in Sal’s life is his grandmother, Mima, who has always loved and accepted him and now she is dying. Will Sal be able to survive this unbelievable loss? When will he open and read a letter from his mother? Will he be able to conquer his fears and grow up to be the kind of person his Mima, Dad, Sam, and new friend, Fito, know he can be? Readers will ache with the sadness and longing in Sal and his integral relationships and will grow with Sally as he questions, laughs, cries, and forges toward his future. A strong, authentic, YA read with diverse characters.

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