Saturday, March 11, 2017

Finding Perfect by Elly Swartz

Finding PerfectFinding Perfect by Elly Swartz
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I read this book for 2 reasons (1) Pernille Ripp recommended it & (2) I am reading debut authors for March twitter chat and this little gem is Elly's first novel. Molly is 12 years old, loves composing and acting our slam poetry, but desperately misses her mom who has moved away for a year for a job (and also separate from her dad). Molly likes even numbers, the orderly arrangement of her glass animals, but as time goes on and with her little brother, Ian and her older sister, Kate this family yearns for their mom to return. As Molly realizes her mind (SHE IS CRAZY) is crazy and holding her back, more & more counting is required to get through the day who can she tell about her worries? I ached for Molly as she is pitted between her two best friends, begins to realize her mother may not be coming home for a much needed visit, daily life becomes a living hell. I was happy Molly researched OCD, asked her Dad if there was a family connection & found online OCD friends but that still did not help Molly. In the end, finding perfect for Molly was learning her Grammy Jean had OCD, getting help through doctors and family & friend support. Loved this middle school book & heroine!

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