Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Takedown by Corrie Wang

The TakedownThe Takedown by Corrie Wang
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Thank you to NetGalley, Disney Book Group, and Freeform for the ARC, The Takedown by Corrie Wang. I also read this for the March twitter chat on debut authors with #yearofya & it has been highly touted by blogger Kelly Jensen in “Faces of Color on 2017 YA Books”. Wow, what a gripping read! Kyla Cheng is a high school senior ho rules her school, best friends with Sharma, Audra, & Fawn, and friend with benefits (lots of doubt and kissing) to long-time crush, Mac Rodriguez. Kyla’s voice was straightforward as she flatly and to the point, tells of the video that destroys her life. With all kinds of technology (in a near future time) someone releases to her school and administration a video of Kyla and her English teacher having sex. Kyla denies is the person in the video (she has never had sex!!!), over and over again, all the while her friends do not believe her. As the mystery mounts and Kyla chases down clues, her hater sends out her incomplete college applications, Kyla is kicked out of the school clubs, suspended from attending classes, she continues to realize she has somehow disappointed her mother. As the plot thickens, Kyla will accept how invasive technology has become and it is through a concerted effort including Mac, Sharma, & tech geek, Rory, that Kyla tracks the twisted trail towards her hater. That said, I did not really like Kyla for many reasons; she was a mean girl, she refused to look inward at her actions, words, and thoughts; she was self-absorbed and constantly judging Mac and her mother. What I did like about Kyla was her spunk, her loyalty, and her unfolding honesty with her mom. I could not put this book down, teens will love the technology, the suspense, plus the high school and family drama. This book had great characters, plot, and is a totally enjoyable tense psychological whodunit!

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