Monday, July 31, 2017

Boy by Blake Nelson

BoyBoy by Blake Nelson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gavin Meeks is such a believable teen; he is cute, plays tennis, has friends, and life feels pretty good. This book takes place during Gavin's sophomore, junior and senior year. I liked Gavin's thoughts, his conversations - he was a good kid who finds are pretty easy, but one day he meets Antionette after her brother has killed himself and Gavin's life changes. Because he is tall, Blond and is popular, he never wants for girl friends, but Antoinette keeps hammering away that Gavin's friends are not "real" people. Gavin's fall from grace when he kisses his best friend's girlfriend has him questioning what he wants to do in life, so he picks up a camera, becomes friends with Richie a sometime photographer and starts to hang out with Antoinette and Kai. As a librarian my students loved Blake Nelson books - they speak to teens of life and high school and this book is perfect for teens! With lots of mistakes, drama, and soul searching, Gavin's 3 years of high school will resonate with teens.

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