Saturday, April 8, 2017

King's Cage (Red Queen, #3)King's Cage by Victoria Aveyard
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Wow, I am so glad there will be a 4th book in this Red Queen series, because even though I understood the ending, I DID NOT LIKE IT. But I am also aware Mare & Cal have much love for each other but too many issues (like the color of their blood, Cal is born to be a King & Mare is born to fight and love, Cal holds out to "help" Maven while Mare wants to kill him). So I guess even though I always was team Cal, maybe now is the time to choose another team like Team Kilorn??? I will just have to wait and that will be really hard...I really liked this 3rd book- Maven tortured Mare, himself and almost everyone else while he attempts to overthrow the world- good title BTW Maven, Cal & Mare are all entangled in the King's Cage image, metaphor in this book! I loved all the fighting scenes (very gory), preparing to fight-- especially the Silver/Reds and Red Guard interactions, and the politics of the rulers were so sickening with their oh so entitled ways/decrees. I liked seeing Evangeline and Cameron's POV, those chapters really gave great insight to these characters, make makes them tick, and their harsh realities. But time just kept ticking like a time bomb and the Mare and Cal scenes even with heart throbbing declarations, which I loved and wanted to continue--- and also have Cal choose Mare, you can see agendas are working against them. I loved Mare's survival and instincts to be a better person (talking, confiding, being honest) with her family, friends, comrades but there are too many issues being decided behind the scenes. I hated the ending, I know I said that FIRST in this review, I just hope for a really good resolution in the 4th book - like Cal finding a way for Silvers & Reds to live side by side equally and even more -choosing Mare, but the ending of this book does not provide that redemption that I really like to see in books.

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