Sunday, April 30, 2017

March: Book Three by John Lewis

March: Book Three (March, #3)March: Book Three by John Lewis
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I read this graphic novel as part of the 2107 Hub Challenge, and like his other graphic novels- John Lewis puts into words & illustrations his role in the 1960's history in America, in the forefront of the fight for civil rights, the right to vote, leading nonviolent marches, this series provides a compelling palette for teens (I think all adults need to read this stunning book/series) of the trials, deaths, and attacks blacks were made to suffer over and over again in their fight for the right to vote, sit on the bus, use the same facilities in the South where many (even in the White House) were content (eager) to do whatever needed to be done to keep this from happening. I loved Nate Powell's illustrations, so true, so compelling, so relatable to teens.

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