Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Shadows We Know by Heart by Jennifer Park

The Shadows We Know by HeartThe Shadows We Know by Heart by Jennifer Park
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I read this title for our May #yabookchat with discussion to be held Sunday 5/7 at 9pm EST. I fell into the Leah's two worlds immediately and I did not stop to question anything; debut author, Jennifer Park's forest, the sasquatch family, and wild boy were rich, mysterious, scary as was Leah's restrictive real life which came all undone 10 years ago when she lost her brother, his best & father to death in the forest. Leah and her brother, Matt have barely survived their mother's drinking, her preacher father's restrictive, harsh rules and their marital relationship that seems to no longer be there. Ever since her brother, Sam died 10 years ago, Leah has been drawn to the forest, by its richness, and the Sasquatch that she sees (but tells no on about) until one day, there is a wild boy. Instantly, Leah is overcome by his beauty, and his pull on her. Leah tells no one about him but there is also something familiar about him too... All too soon, her 2 worlds collide and the sasquatch family and her wild boy are in danger. When Leah and Matt learn the truth of what their parents withheld from them over the years---there is so much anger. This world is believable, I loved Matt, Leah & the wild boy and Bee. Definitely a story worth reading about forbidden secrets, tragedy and coping. Even more it is a story about hope and believing, making good decisions & bad decisions. I loved the beauty of the forest and rooted for Leah, Matt & Ashley.

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